Saving Water AND Money

There’s 110 million litres of good treated water wasted down the drain every day of the week in the UK, whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the hot tap outlet, this is equivalent to emptying 372 Olympic sized swimming pools down into the drainage system every day of the week to be expensively pumped back to the water works and re-treated.

Water, is, however, currently relatively abundant in many parts of the developed world, but is rapidly becoming an increasingly scarce resource. The price of water has been maintained at a relatively cheap level for many years, but prices are set to rise rapidly in the coming years as water demand grows, especially in countries with gradually increasing affluence and where industrialisation is expanding, and as the treatment costs of existing water supplies rapidly increase.

Though actual savings that Aqua-Saver will provide are difficult to determine precisely, during tests an average saving of 40 liters + per tap was normal for an average 12 meter pipe run. This equates to around 44,000 liters per year for a three tap house. It is not possible here to equate how long it might take for the savings in water charges to cover the installation (RoI), and purchase costs, because every retrofit system is unique (i.e. the length of run from heater to tap), and whether the saved water is simply diverted to a storage tank, also, water charges vary from state to state. As a rough guide, the low cost of most installations and components should be recoverable well within a couple of years ( the 25 + years expected life span will therefore provide a very large saving over the coming years), though with the inevitable rising cost of water, this period will almost certainly soon be reduced.

The benefits of having this system installed are:

  1. A guaranteed saving in metered water bills.

  2. Helping to defer the inevitable future loss and high cost of water supplies.

  3. There is no external energy supply needed, the system is self-operating, and simply uses the natural kinetic energy that is in the saved water flow, so its not using energy to save energy.

  4. Can easily be fitted by any competent DIY with plumbing abilities.

  5. Will save considerable sums on metered water and drainage charges.

  6. Will have a large impact on reducing carbon emissions

  1. Save water suppliers large sums in re-treatment and pumping costs, (thus helping to keep water costs down (and having to use 2nd hand water).

  2. No expensive electrical wiring or cross bonding certification needed to install ( no need for electrician and plumber).

  3. Built to last, we have old fashioned beliefs about product longevity and reliability.

  4. Low price of the system will provide good ROI (return on investment) figures.

  5. Once used large scale, throughout the world, will have a huge impact on helping save the environment.

Where tank storage is required, a small heavy-duty plastic, maintenance free, tank can be used. The system is designed to be virtually maintenance free, and uses standard, easy change tap washers, or virtually everlasting ceramics, which should have a similar life expectancy to those in the household taps.

About Us

I believe passionately that water should never be wasted. We are proud of Aqua-Saver, both in the design and the business sense it makes in the commercial world.

How Aqua-Saver Works

A saving of just 10 litres per person a day would save up to 110 million litres per day in the UK alone (not including commercial premises). Using the Aqua- Saver water saver system this water is re-circulated, saved and re-used.

Saving Water and Money

Though actual savings are difficult to determine precisely, during tests an average saving of 40 litres per tap was normal. This equates to around 44,000 litres per annum for a three tap house.