How Aqua-Saver Works

Aqua-Saver is now a completed and fully developed product that is finally ready to satisfy the tremendous interest we have received from around the world during the 12 years of development and perfecting. It is now patent granted and fully water authority tested and approved in a number of countries and has undergone over 6 years of severe testing in a number of environments. We are now in a position to look at any investment proposals, or business suggestions.

It is a well known fact that a large quantity of water is wasted, from hot water outlets, whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive. In a large number of cases, as much as 6 to 10 liters of precious water is simply just run off down the drain, whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the hot water outlet. Using the Aqua- Saver valve water saver system this water is re-circulated, saved and re-used.

Cold water that normally runs down the drain once the hot water outlet is opened, can either be diverted to the hot or cold water supply, via our fully dedicated unique, and patent granted, thermal valve that has been designed purely to perform this function. To compliment this valve is a unique and patented ‘accessory’ that will send the saved water back into the hot supply pipe, without compromising the temperature. One of the main features is that there’s no need to change or disturb existing taps or shower heads. The valve operates automatically by the inherent kinetic energy that is present in the saved water supply.

The system operates through a unique world patented, thermally operated valve, that has been specifically designed for this purpose. It is attached to the hot supply pipe, directly beneath each basin. There is no need to change or alter the existing taps. Installation of Aqua-saver saver is quick and easy.

Each person in the UK and Australia uses an average of 150 liters of water per day, and this level is rising rapidly, and is simply just not sustainable. In the Uk alone 110 million liters per day of good treated water is wasted into the drainage system each day whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the outlet.

Underpinning the Aqua-Saver system is the small and patented Aqua-Saver valve which is a totally kinetic thermal valve, which needs no external energy supply, and is attached to the hot water pipe out of sight below the sink. A quick-fit-pipe is then run to either an already installed tank or returned to heater boiler, or even to an outside storage tank if required. Alternatively, a completely new and dedicated patented ‘accessory’ can be used that will send the saved water automatically back into the hot supply pipe that feeds the water heater, this is designed especially to compliment the dedicated Aqua-Saver thermal valve, and does not compromise the temperature of the hot water supply. It is small enough to fit into any small space, under any sink or vanity unit, and requires no external energy supply; it uses the kinetic energy in the normal saved water flow. It should be remembered that whilst the saved water is being recycled, no water is running through the water meter.

Any good DIY person or plumber can fit this system, and in the vast majority of cases there is no disruption to the household in retrofit situations. Given the ease of installation, the cost of fitting the system will generally be quite low.


About Us

WE believe passionately that water should never be wasted. We are proud of Aqua-Saver, both in the design and the business sense it makes in the commercial world.

How Aqua-Saver Works

A saving of just 10 litres per person a day would save up to 110 million litres per day in the UK alone. Using the Aqua- Saver water saver system this water is re-circulated, saved and re-used.

Saving Water and Money

Though actual savings are difficult to determine precisely, during tests an average saving of 40 litres per tap was normal. This equates to around 44,000 litres per annum for a three tap house.