Each installation is unique but where a return pipe is required (and in many cases it is not), it will be unobtrusive. The pipe can easily be routed into a corner or under worktops. Plastic pipe recommended for the installation is of high quality, similar to that used in Hospitals throughout Europe. Piping is taint free, none corrosive and long-life. It can be fitted behind a matching plastic extrusion when needed that will blend in with most décor’.

The Aqua-Saver valve is constructed of Brass Cast or medical grade Kocetal plastic and has been specifically designed and built to last, therefore is virtually maintenance free even in severe salt and sandy water conditions, so the lifespan is expected to be very extended. The only part that may eventually need to be replaced is the valve washer, which is a normal, easy to change and obtain standard tap washer, which will have the same lifespan as any normal tap. The supporting system is maintenance free, and will last as long as any normal plumbing. All internal components have large ports to prevent the possibility of silting or clogging, and has just 3 simple moving parts.The valve housing has been designed to unscrew so the operating mechanism can easily slide out for cleaning or servicing. The unit has been designed for longevity, so requires minimal attention.

For obvious reasons, the amount you will save depends on how often taps and shower heads are used combined with the distance hot water has to travel before reaching an outlet. On average, most taps will ‘run off’ between 6 to 10 liters of unwanted cold water before the hot arrives. If we assume that the tap is opened 5 times per day then that adds up to a rough average of 40 liters for each faucet (tap) in the house, a total of around 14000 liters per faucet, per year X say 3 outlets = 42000 litres PA. By adding the cost per liter in your area, it will soon become apparent just how soon the system will pay for itself.

About Us

I believe passionately that water should never be wasted. We are proud of Aqua-Saver, both in the design and the business sense it makes in the commercial world.

How Aqua-Saver Works

A saving of just 10 litres per person a day would save up to 110 million litres per day in the UK alone (not including commercial premises). Using the Aqua- Saver water saver system this water is re-circulated, saved and re-used.

Saving Water and Money

Though actual savings are difficult to determine precisely, during tests an average saving of 40 litres per tap was normal. This equates to around 44,000 litres per annum for a three tap house.