About my current patented inventions

Aqua-Saver and supporting systems has been under constant development for over 12 years, by a highly experienced retired inventor/engineer who is a serial inventor with many successes and well known devises being used throughout the world.

I believe passionately that water is our 'lifeblood' and should never be wasted or abused. and am proud of the well developed Aqua-Saver and system, both in the water saving ability and the business sense it makes in the domestic and commercial world. I have always been passionate about environmental issues, and am committed to doing my best to ensure that the planet will survive for future generations.

Aquasaver being the first of many environmental products I am now developing. Such as -

  1. A portable water producing system by atmospheric flash vaporisation (NOT DEHUMIDIFYING) using a 12 volt battery supply.

  2. An external energy free kinetic water pressure increasing devise, (Proof of concept completed).

  3. A liquid pressure increasing devise (for closed circuit) using kinetic energy.

  4. A system that will more than double the electrical output from wind farm generators, using proven principals.

I am currently seeking persons/companies to assist me promote and commercialise the above inventions. Aqua-Saver is currently ready and well tested for market exploitation, have sales interest from around the world

Contact me on +1144 (0)7377724455 or +1144(0)1516371586 or use form below

About Us

I believe passionately that water should never be wasted. We are proud of Aqua-Saver, both in the design and the business sense it makes in the commercial world.

How Aqua-Saver Works

A saving of just 10 litres per person a day would save up to 110 million litres per day in the UK alone (not including commercial premises). Using the Aqua- Saver water saver system this water is re-circulated, saved and re-used.

Saving Water and Money

Though actual savings are difficult to determine precisely, during tests an average saving of 40 litres per tap was normal. This equates to around 44,000 litres per annum for a three tap house.