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It is well known that a large quantity of water is wasted, from hot water outlets, whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive. As much as 6 to 10 litres of precious water is simply just run off down the drain whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the hot water tap. Commercial properties will waste considerably more due to longer and larger pipe runs. Using the Aqua- Saver hydraulic water system this water is re-circulated, saved, and re-used kinetically, without any need for an external energy supply. Aqua-Saver and supporting systems have been under constant development for over the past 13 years, by a highly experienced semi retired design and development engineer, who is a serial inventor with many successes and well known patented inventions sold, and still being used throughout the world....


About Us

WE believe passionately that water should never be wasted. We are proud of Aqua-Saver, both in the design and the business sense it makes in the commercial world.

How Aqua-Saver Works

A saving of just 10 litres per person a day would save up to 110 million litres per day in the UK alone. Using the Aqua- Saver water saver system this water is re-circulated, saved and re-used.

Saving Water and Money

Though actual savings are difficult to determine precisely, during tests an average saving of 40 litres per tap was normal. This equates to around 44,000 litres per annum for a three tap house.

Aqua-Saver is now a completed and fully developed product that is finally ready to satisfy the tremendous interest we have received from around the world during the 12 years of development and perfecting. It is now patent granted and fully water approved in a number of countries, having undergone over 6 years of severe testing. We are now in a position to look at any investment or other business proposals.

There’s 110 million litres of potable pre-treated water wasted down the drain every day of the week in the UK whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the hot tap outlet. This enormous waste is equivalent to emptying 372 Olympic sized swimming pools down into the drainage system every day of the week. That unnecessarily wasted water then has to be expensively pumped back to the water works, re-treated and returned to the mains water supply. Surely it is far better to prevent this waste? Avoiding unnecessary extra strain on water infrastructure will also help to keep consumer water bills down.

Each installation is unique but where a return pipe is required (and in many cases it is not) it will be unobtrusive. The pipe can easily be routed into a corner or under worktops. Plastic pipe recommended for the installation is of high quality, similar to that used in Hospitals throughout Europe. Piping is taint free, non-corrosive and long-life. It can be fitted behind a matching plastic extrusion when needed to blend in with most décor’.

Aqua-Saver and its supporting systems have been under constant development / refinement for over 12 years, by 2 highly experienced retired engineers. One is a serial inventor with many successes whose well known devices are being used throughout the world.